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Geronimo Stilton Academy Grammar Pawbook 1

Welcome to the Geronimo Stilton Academy! Our prestigious academy will prepare you to become mouse-ter-ful readers and writers, like me! Get to know more about my amazing adventures through our special Pawbook series and write some mousingly wonderful stories yourself! Learning English will become as enjoyable as  chewing off a large chunk of cheese! 

The Geronimo Stilton Academy: Grammar Pawbooks are specially designed for you to know more about my whisker-licking good adventures as you

• read excerpts of my fa-mouse-ly funny stories,

• work out with our carefully crafted mouse-xercises;

• advance through the three Pawbooks that take you from junior to senior to master levels.

Grammar Pawbook 1 features excerpts from:

#13 The Phantom of the Subway

#14 The Temple of the Ruby of Fire

#15 The Mona Mousa Code

#16 A Cheese-Colored Camper

Note: This series is not available in Europe. 

  • ISBN: 9789814629942

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