Kingdom of Fantasy


Kingdom of Fantasy #2: The Quest for Paradise

The Queen of the Fairies invites me back to her fantastical world to help in the quest for the true heart of happiness. This time I ride on the wings of a rainbow-colored dragon as I make my way through seven fantastic lands. From the land of sweets to the land of fairy tales, it's an incredible journey I'll never forget!

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  • ISBN: 978-0-545-25307-9

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  • The Kingdom of Fantasy - Live on stage in Sydney!

    The Kingdom of Fantasy - Live on stage in Sydney!

    Join Geronimo as he sets off on a fantastical quest as he tries to save the Queen of the Fairies. To succeed, he has to walk through the seven doors that transport him from kingdom to kingdom. Along the way he has to face witches, mermaids, dragons, pixies, gnomes and a giant! Will he be able to save the Queen?

    A 90 minute theatrical and musical adventure with spectacular multi-media...

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