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Geronimo Stilton Reporter Volume 8: Hypno Tick Tock

Geronimo Stilton, crusading news reporter and editor of The Rodent’s Gazette, has been working too much and is in desperate need of a break. He is getting sleepy, very sleepy, but he can’t actually fall asleep. Geronimo’s cousin Trap tells him about a specialist, the Great Ratswami, who hypnotizes mice to help them relax. Shortly after Geronimo’s meeting with the hypnotist, New Mouse City is plagued by a crime wave and Geronimo seems even more tired than ever! Something weird is going in New Mouse City, and the totally shocking answer will become front-page news!

  • PRICE: $ 9.99
  • Pages: 64
  • Editions: Hardcover Book
  • Format: 6.5 x 9
  • ISBN: 9781545806999
  • Available since: 6 July 2021

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