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Spot the Difference

Special edition: "Mysterious theft at the museum!!!"

During the night, four cunning thieves broke into the museum and stole some very expensive works of art, replacing them with nearly perfect copies... But that’s not all! They're experts, so they also mixed up the order of the objects to cause confusion…

Geronimo and Benjamin can’t solve the mystery! It’s a very difficult case and they need your help: how did the mysterious “rats of the museum” do it?

Accompany Geronimo and Benjamin through the rooms of the museum: the Pharaoh Akhenraten room, the Scarab room, the Space room, the African collection room… a real tour of the world!

Discover what has changed following the theft last night.

Each of these pictures show five small differences from how the rooms were before... but be careful: the clock is ticking and you only have three hints for the whole game.

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Geronimo Stilton World