My name is Benjamin and I am the nephew of the very famous mouse writer and journalist Geronimo Stilton.
Do you like this site? Hehe, modesty aside, it was me who gave advice to my uncle on how to organize it!
Jumpin' jiminy, what are you waiting for before registering?
However, please remember that in order to register, you must ask the permission of an adult, who has to give their email address!
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The Community of Geronimo, a safe world for little rodents!

Dear Parents,
The Community of Geronimo is a world tailor made for its little users: there isn't any way to exchange private messages nor any other material, and they can find people only if they already know their nickname, therefore they must already know each other in real life.

Furthermore, the information provided for registration will never be visible to any other users and it will be treated following normal privacy regulations. Users can only share material created internally within the site.

The Community is simply a way to let users take full advantage of the site, a site which is safe for little rodents!

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